About Us

We are committed to creating a community where we support each other in discovering and expressing the divine essence within each of us.

joyWe recognize ourselves as spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. As we learn to let go of thoughts and beliefs that do not serve our higher selves, we experience more love, beauty, peace, and joy in this life. We hold the vision that joy is our birthright. As Tielhard de Chardin said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”

This ministry offers opportunities for deepening your prayer and meditation practice, spiritual education, warm fellowship, good food (potlucks and more) and reaching out to others in service. The Unity teachings have evolved from the New Thought movement, –which is over a century old– and a progressive, practical interpretation of the bible. We use a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible, and especially the teachings of Jesus to help us find the Christ Consciousness within each of us. We recognize and honor all paths to God, and so we also draw from other sacred literature as well. We see ourselves as spiritual rather than “religious,” so you may even retain another religious affiliation and still find the Unity teachings a blessing in your life. We invite you to come and explore for yourself.  Hope to see you this Sunday!

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