About Us

About Us

  • Rev. Betty Martin-Lewis Founding Minister

Rev. Betty Martin-Lewis Founding Minister

Our Minister:

Betty Martin-Lewis is our founding minister, who, with a group of wonderful and dedicated charter members created this ministry in December of 2006.  We celebrated our 10th anniversary in January 2016!

Rev. Betty was a Licensed Unity Teacher who received her ordination as a minister through the Unity Field Licensing Program.  Before ministry, she worked in the field of leadership and organization development, consulting with and training managers all over the world. She is a former Peace Corps volunteer and has always enjoyed interacting with people from different cultures, religions, and ethnicity. Her personal mission is to help people discover their true strengths and talents in order to transform their lives to be in alignment with their highest purpose.

The Unity principles do change lives and Rev Betty is proud of the wonderful spiritual community that we are building to support each other in our mission, vision, and values.

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