Finding Comfort in a Crazy World

Rev. Betty Martin LewisAffirmation for this Month

” The Christ presence is my guide, my strength, and my comfort.”

As humans, we all seek comfort in a world that feels unpredictable, often confusing and sometimes downright dangerous. Daily life presents a myriad of demands and challenges and there doesn’t seem to be enough time to meet them all. Most people of the 21st century are overstimulated with worry, anxiety, pain and disease. Everyone is hurried and harried. We’re like the acrobat working to balance the whirling plates on a handful of sticks.  Our human ego works overtime to try to control, mitigate, or resist these worldly situations and conditions. No wonder there is a rise in mental illness, sleep disorders, suicides, auto immune and other stress-related diseases.

The more we are attached to our ego as our sole identity, the more stress we are likely to experience. Those who identify with their True Self (I Am, Christ Self, Higher Power, etc.), however, have a safe haven where they may find comfort, guidance and protection no matter what the external conditions. We can go within to what the psalmist called “the shelter of the Most High.”  As we connect with our Creator—Source of All That Is, we enter into a sacred sanctuary that provides breathing space (respite) from the outside world. Here, as Emilie Cady wrote, we come to know God as “the spring of all joy and comfort and power.”  Here, we find peace as our heart beats to rhythms of the universal flow. Here, we rest in the deepest Truth that all is well. Here, we are in the ONE, beyond the bounds of time, thought, and matter.

To find this sacred space, we must go into the silence. This requires intention, commitment and practice. In this beautiful fall season, let’s make a commitment to go into the silence on a daily basis, taking time apart from our busy-ness to become still. Relax your body. Be patient, knowing that it takes a while to get beyond the chatter of the mind. Become the Observer and notice your thoughts. Focus on your breathing. Or use a mantra, a chant, a candle, or an image to take yourself inside. Sit by the ocean and lose yourself in the sound of the waves. Sit among the trees and let the birds sing to you. Use a guided meditation on youtube. Release any expectations. Whatever occurs is just right. Let this month be a time of respite and comfort for you!

“God in the midst of you is a tower of strength and stability…
and you are renewed every moment of the day.” -Myrtle Fillmore