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Dear Members and Friends of Unity SouthShore Spiritual Community,
It is so important to stay centered in the divine energy and vibrations of Eternal Life and Wholeness during this difficult time. Rev. Eric Butterworth said that we should focus on Allness, not illness when facing health challenges. We know that we are not our bodies, not our jobs, not our bank accounts. These are temporary accessories of our human life but not the essence of who we really are.

Let us remember that we are spiritual beings with incredible spiritual powers. We condition our minds to deny the ability of external situations or other people to bring us down. We claim our true heritage as amazing creations of Source of All That Is, Was, or Ever Will Be. Our God is the Sacred Generative Power of the Cosmos . . . Pool of All Potentiality . . . Infinite Love . . . Ground of our Being . . . Oneness. We are more powerful than we can ever imagine from our human perspective.

I encourage us to spend a lot of time now in the Silence, beyond thoughts, beyond words. Listen. Listen to the “still small voice” of Divine Wisdom within. Be good to yourself. Connect with others– through the ethers, in your thoughts and prayers, using technology, waving from your porch. Know that while we may be physically separated for awhile, we are inextricably connected to all of creation through the Divine Matrix.

We bless our brothers and sisters around the planet, sending healing light and love. Our human family rises up now to a new consciousness of LOVE, compassion, wisdom, and LIFE. Let’s shine our light even brighter into the world!

Virtual Hugs to All
Rev. Betty

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