Our Power of Faith

Affirmation for the Month of January
“My faith assures me that every event in my life
has meaning and brings gifts.”

We move into this new year exploring the theme of FAITH, one of our most important spiritual powers. In Unity, Faith is not about belief. We don’t have a specific creed or doctrine to follow. We don’t even ask that people believe in God. We teach a set of universal spiritual principles that were inspired by the teachings of Jesus, interpreted in the context of the early first century, with conscious application to our post-modern environment of today.

Jesus taught that others could do what he did and much more if they had faith in the possibilities of their endowed spiritual powers.  He claimed this sacred power and substance, affirming that his consciousness was one with God and all humanity.

“. . . you will know that I am in my Father and you in me, and I in you.”
John 14:20

The definition of faith in the book of Hebrews was written by an anonymous author to a group of early Christians who were so discouraged by persecution, violence, and scorn that they considered giving up on building a new church. The author encouraged them to stay the course. In times of uncertainty and insecurity, they were told to rely on their faith that Divine Power would prevail—to trust that what they were hoping for would come through their conviction of things “unseen.” Exercising faith sets cosmic, metaphysical forces into action, eventually manifesting that which we hold in our mind and emotions.

This year calls for us all to rise up in faith, persevering in the vision of what we want to create in our own experience as well as in the world. As we recognize, claim, and express the Light and Love of the Christ Consciousness, we are an agent of creation.

Sometimes we are disappointed that we do not immediately see what we desire to bring forth. Remember that it is an internal process and will unfold in harmony with our state of consciousness.  When we do the work to remove any obstacles (usually deeply embedded negative thinking/feeling) we clear the path of manifestation.  Eric Butterworth said, “We do not necessarily receive what we want or even what we pray for – we receive what we expect.”

Will this be the year we ready and willing to let go of any patterns of thoughts, beliefs, or habits that misinterpret, distort, inhibit, or deny the Truth of our being?  As each of us rises up in consciousness, we collectively raise the consciousness of our entire human family. Let this be a transformational year as we hear and respond to the call to claim our wholeness, peace, and joy. Blessings from Rev. Betty

Enjoy these wise thoughts from Patrick Overton:

God Is. I Am. We Are ONE.
When you walk to the edge of all the light you have
and take that first step
into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe
that one of two things will happen:

There will be something solid
for you to stand upon,
or, you will be taught how to fly.

— Patrick Overton

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