Rev. Betty’s Christmas Blog 2020 has proclaimed the “word of the year” for 2020. Based on input from the public, the choice word is “unprecedented.”  Not a big surprise, really. We probably hear the word at least once day in the media. This got me thinking about the metaphysical implications. What is going on in our world right now is certainly “unparalleled,” and “extraordinary” (synonyms for unprecedented). Many of us are saying, “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over” or “It’ll be great when we get back to normal.”  But deep within, we know we can’t go backwards. When the calendar flips to the new year we will still have challenges to face. In our inner life, every moment of our existence is unprecedented. Our spiritual teachings align with scientific evidence that every moment in each life is unique. The breath we take one moment is not the same as the next. Our environment and our complex physical bodies are constantly changing in a cycle of renewal and decay.

What doesn’t change is the spark of divinity within us.  It WAS before we were born and IS into eternity. It is our true essence, the sacred ground of our bery being. As spiritual humans we can draw upon this spiritual power anytime we feel afraid, worried or overwhelmed by all the changes we are experiencing.

As individuals, we can’t fully control our environment or what is happening in the external world—although staying positive and holding the vision of brighter future can influence it. We do, though, have total mastery over how we experience our circumstances and events. It’s important to keep remembering that every moment we have power over our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. In every situation we can choose the path of love or fear. The more we choose love in our personal challenges, the more we are sending out loving vibrations that can also positively influence the greater world.

I invite each of us to choose to have a beautiful Christmas.  Some of us will spend it alone, some of us are aching at the recent loss of loved ones; some of us may have health challenges to deal with; all of us miss our usual routines and freedom to move about as we like, when we like.

No matter what your situation, I hope you will consciously choose to have a wonderful week ahead. Keep your thoughts positive; do something that makes your heart sing; and please take time to pray and meditate so that you experience the power of your spiritual essence every single day. 

Let a deeper awareness of our Christ-self be born anew this Christmas! 

With Love and Christmas Blessings,
Rev. Betty

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